Chief Patient Experience Officer Assembly

Designed to maximize the return of the time invested with 1-2-1 meetings, private boardrooms, presentations, roundtables & networking events

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Who can attend?

We are highly selective on our delegate audience, who must meet our qualifying criteria detailed below. 

  • Senior Chief Patient Experience Officer decision maker in a $1BN+ organizations

  • Control / influence budgets of $500,000 and above, for where new solutions are spent

  • Active requirement for these solutions within the next 6-12 months


What am I committing to if I come as a hosted buyer?

As our VIP guest, you’re in charge of your schedule at the Chief Patient Experience Officer in terms of who you meet and the sessions you attend, subject to the following commitments

  1. You will attend the entire 2 day event. 

  2. You come to the show with business in hand

  3. You accept / make between four and six meetings a day.

What's the cost?

As an approved delegate you’ll enjoy free domestic flights in the USA, and free accommodation. Attendance is free too of course, and there are no cancellation fees or fines.

What’s the application process?

In the first instance, please complete the online application form below, and we will then be in touch. 

Do I have to be invited by a sponsor?

No, you’re welcome to apply to us directly by completing the online application form below.

You have received an invitation from one of our sponsors

Our sponsors will also invite their key clients to come to Chief Patient Experience Officer, so if you receive an invitation from one of them, and you’d like to be a delegate, complete the online application form below.

Once the sponsor that invited you has checked the form, we’ll check the information you provided, incorrect information may delay or invalidate your application, after verification and if it meets our criteria, we will approve it, and send you a welcome email with our website login. Applications usually take around 10 days to process and we may also contact you to check some of the details. We make the final decision on your application.

For questions please click to email us or email